Price list

Archi-styles simplifys your  professional access  to building.  The Billing for our services is based on the area worked.

much more own than others 10euro/m² TTC

But that includes the price ?

The architectural firm is here to answer your questions and find solutions.
You want :
  • Harmonize to atmosphere of a room
  • Optimize the storage of your kitchen
  • Play on colors
  • Archi-styles offer for you a good circulation of energy borrowed from "asia style "
  • Play volumes and up date the structure of your house.

All these issues  ?

The Archi-styles architecture firm reassures you :

  • Some fresh and workeable ideas in perfect harmony with your interested
  • Together we define your needs (the primary need more over the esthetic )
  • We 'are here to help you and to give you professional advices about ideal housing , dealing with varied lights,furniture selection ...
  • Pressing detailed plans 2 D , redistributional pieces , movement of people  ...
  • You visualized project in 3 D ,proportion of volumes ...